How Much Does a German Spitz Puppy Cost? Money Saving Tips

The price of a German Spitz is obviously different in different countries. For example in Finland where I’m from, the price is usually around 1200 – 1300 Euros. By doing a quick search on Google I was able to find that in the UK, a German Spitz puppy will cost you around £650 and in the United States anywhere between $500 and $900.

However, that is not all that a German Spitz puppy will cost you. You will also need to save money for everything that your puppy is going to need. On top of that, you should have some extra money saved in case there is an emergency that you haven’t been prepared for. Just by a quick analysis, you might see that the initial price of the puppy is just the beginning.

What do you need to buy for a puppy and at what price?

Let’s look at some of the things that you need to buy for your puppy and how much they will cost you.

Some of these things listed below are really necessary while others not so much. Trust me, though, once you get your cute little puppy you are going to want to buy everything; just because you are in love with the little guy and let’s face it, it is fun buying him stuff. The prices are average, too, and they depend on where you buy and which ones (brands, etc).

This is not a list that you can use to count your money, but it is merely to help you see that eventually, a puppy will be far more expensive than what you are paying for the breeder. So, in case you need to save money to be able to buy the puppy in the first place, you should know that that number will never be enough.

Let’s start with the items that are necessary.

Leash ($10 – 60)

Collar ($10 – 40)

Harness ($15 – 50)

This set will be necessary starting from the first few days because you need to start leash training your puppy. I suggest that when you buy your puppy a leash you will buy the kind of leash that you can use with your adult dog as well. This way you will only have to buy one leash for your puppy. However, you will need to buy several collars and/or harnesses as your puppy grows up because they need to be the right size.

A little tip: I have a deal with a friend of mine: as our dogs are similar in sizes but we don’t have puppies at the same time, we have a puppy harness that we share. It only fits a few months anyway, so there really is no need to buy one for each puppy that we are going to get. A good harness will be in a good condition for years and years to come. Or, once your puppy will have grown out of the puppy harness/collar, you can sell them because they will be as good as new.

(Do not buy a Flexi leash. Just go with a regular one.)

Dog food/water bowls ($5 – 40 x 2)

Obviously you could use bowls that you just happen to have at home, but it is likely that you do not have ones that are just right. They should be rather low for a small dog. It also wouldn’t hurt if a water bowl was a nice-looking one because it is always there in your kitchen. With a German Spitz that is small whether it is a Klein or a Mittel, there is no need to get elevated bowls. Regular ones are just fine.

Brush ($10 -110)

You will need to buy a brush for your German Spitz right away because you will need to get your puppy accustomed to you brushing him. This process should begin as soon as you get your puppy.

With German Spitzes, I have found that the best kind of brush is the kind that does not have protective balls at the ends. I think it is the best choice for dogs that have thick double coats. These types of brushes penetrate the coat with ease and are good for removing any loose hairs and knots in the hair. There are all kinds of combs, too, but in the beginning, a high-quality brush is enough. It is an investment that will last for years to come.

You will find brushes that are fairly cheap and still okay. However, if you want to invest in a Mason Pearson brush, you won’t be sorry.

Shampoo ($10 – 20)

You do not need to bathe your puppy right away, but you probably should, just to teach your puppy that bathing is necessary from time to time. I do not suggest you wait till your puppy is all grown up. Bathe him for the first time while he is still tiny.

Also, there is a chance that your puppy will get dirty and you really do need to bathe him, so be prepared with a good bottle of shampoo.

Toothbrush ($5 – 10)

Your puppy will not need to get his teeth brushed, but it is best to start right away so that he gets used to it. Therefore it is good to purchase a toothbrush right away. You may still wait with the toothpaste if you want.

Food ($50 – 100)

This is obvious. You will need to buy food for your puppy. Usually, the breeder will provide you food for the first month or so (the same brand that he was eating at the breeder’s house), but even if they do, you will have to buy food sometime soon. I suggest giving your puppy the same food that he’s eaten before, but if you want to switch brands for some reason do it slowly. Try adding a little bit of the new food first and then increase the amount of new food little by little. This way the stomach of the puppy will not get upset.

My favorite brand is Acana. 25 lbs of puppy food will cost you close to $100. However, 25 lbs will last a long time.

Treats ($15)

When you get a puppy there’s going to be a whole lot of things you will have to teach your puppy to do. With treats, it will be much easier so go buy a bunch of small treats for him. It is possible to make/cook them yourself, but let’s face it; you are going to be busy with your puppy anyway. Go buy them, it will be easier for all of you.

Even a bag of regular dog food will work as treats as long as it is not the same brand that the puppy gets for his normal food. Buying a cheaper bag of dog food for treats is a good idea. It will last a while and will do just fine when you are training at your own home without major distractions.

Dog transport box ($50 – 200)

You are going to take your puppy on car rides. In fact, you should start right away just to get him used to being in a moving vehicle. The safest way for your dog to travel in a car is in a transport box. Once your puppy gets used to being in one, he will absolutely love it. It is really great, so, please, get one right away. There are so many options. Think about whether you want a box that you can take out of the car and keep inside the house while you are not traveling, or if you want one that you will always keep in the car. Then start thinking about which one will easily fit in your specific vehicle.

When you buy a good one and big enough for an adult dog it is the only transport box you are going to need.

Worm medicine ($20)

It is essential to deworm your dog from time to time; I do that twice a year. With puppies, worm medicine is given more frequently. The breeder has done this a few times already, but you should still give your puppy his worm medicine before each of the vaccinations.

Vaccinations ($50 – 150)

The times of the puppy vaccinations differ from country to country because the shots are a little bit different. However, your puppy should have gotten all of the vaccinations by the time he is 16 weeks old. This requires at least two visits to the veterinary clinic. Obviously, the prices are different in each country but also in each clinic. This will be expensive, though. A visit to a veterinary clinic is never cheap.

Total: $255-855

Now let’s take a look at things that you might want to get but could live without, too, in case you wanted to save money:

Toys ($5 – infinity)

Toys are obviously great for the development of the puppy and your puppy will love them so much! However, a toy doesn’t have to be fancy, colorful, or brand new that you get from a pet store but it can be like a sock filled with a tennis ball. There are plenty of options if you use your imagination. You could probably find used toys as well.

If you want to buy toys, try to find ones that will last a long time. Your German Spitz may be tiny but as he grows up he can easily destroy every toy that he gets. Trust me, I know.

My favorite toys are Kong toys. When you fill them with the food they provide entertainment while you leave your dog alone in the house. (You should go read my article Can a German Spitz Be Left Alone in the House?Opens in a new tab. The link will open in a new window.)

I have purchased medium black Kong Extreme toys for my Mittels.

Dog bed ($50 – 100)

Your dog can live without a real dog bed, but he does need a place to sleep. A blanket will do just fine in the beginning but in the long run, you might want to invest in a real bed, just because it looks so much nicer. However, it would be best if your puppy could sleep in a bed right away because that’s how he gets used to it.

My first dog never really learned to sleep in a doggy bed because she didn’t have one while she was a puppy.  My other two, however, have had doggy beds since the beginning and they have always loved to sleep in those.

In the picture above, you can see the doggy bed that I have purchased for my dog. It is great because it has got a bit of “walls” around it. Dogs love it because it makes them feel safer; as if they are in a nest. However, this kind of bed did not come with a cushion so I had to buy the mattress separately.

If you are looking for a doggy bed for your German Spitz, make sure it looks a bit like a nest instead of a plain mattress. Whichever you choose make sure it’s washable and easy to maintain clean.

If you have a smaller German Spitz, a Pomeranian, or a Klein, a great option would be a bed that looks more like a house; dogs in general love these.

If you want to know more about dog beds you might want to read the article I wrote: Best Dog Beds for the Comfort of Your German SpitzOpens in a new tab..

Puppy class ($50 – 150)

Investing in a puppy class is not compulsory but definitely recommended especially if you are a first-time dog owner. You and your puppy will learn so much from a place like this. You especially will learn how to teach your dog in the future and that is the most important thing in all this. Having a dog is not easy and especially if it is your first time you should get all the help you can get.

There is a chance that after participating in a puppy class you may want to continue with other hobbies. Not only will the courses cost you more money, but then you will need to buy quite a few more items, too. In no time you are on your way to becoming a real dog crazy lady/gentleman.

Rain/winter jacket ($50 – 100)

I live in Finland, northern Europe, so for me, it would be normal to buy a rain jacket and a winter coat for my German Spitz but whether your dog needs them or not obviously depends on where you live. I also don’t think it is necessary to buy these for a puppy. He will grow fast out of them anyway so you may want to wait a few months first. But, it’s your choice.

There are plenty of dog clothing options available these days, but you might want to stick with the ones your dog actually needs. There are lots of indoor clothing, too, but do not buy those for your German Spitz. A dog with a double coat is not going to need those; in fact, they would make your dog feel really uncomfortable. Go purchase clothes that have a purpose: to protect against rain/dirt or to protect from cold. A high-quality jacket will remain in a good condition for years.

Dog insurance ($360 – 600/year)

It is not compulsory to get insurance for your puppy obviously but I would advise you to consider this. You think insurance is expensive; then think how expensive it is going to be in case your dog gets sick! Trust me, I know, it will cost you thousands of euros/pounds/dollars. I pay around 450 Euros/year for my pet insurance but it will have me covered for a whole year. We hike in nature, we do all kinds of stuff. Something could easily happen. This way I know I will get the best care for my dog and money will not be a problem.

Total $515-1050 (but really, sky is the limit)

Grand total: $255-855 + $515-1050 = $770-1905


As you see you will probably need money twice as much as the puppy will cost and probably even more. You can easily spend a huge amount of money on your puppy and obviously, the spending will continue as your puppy grows up. You will always come up with new things to buy.

There are lots of ways how you can save money on these items, but even so, you will always need a little bit of extra money anyway. Like I said at the beginning of this post, you should always have some extra money saved in case there is an emergency. What if your puppy needs surgery? What if there is an accident? Anything could happen and you should always be prepared. It is your responsibility to take care of the puppy that you have purchased.

This is not a complete list and the prices of these items vary in different countries. However, you probably get the idea now: it’ll cost you money to buy a puppy but that is only where the real spending starts.   

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