The First Amazing 24 hours with Your German Spitz Puppy

So you have made the decision that the German Spitz is the right breed for you. Then you start researching where you would be able to purchase one. It may come to you as a surprise that you are probably going to have to wait a long while to actually get the puppy.

Imagine the happiness then when you finally do get to bring the new puppy into your home! I can tell you that those moments have always been the happiest in my entire life. There is so much joy and excitement in the air; maybe a little bit of insecurities as well. But how does the puppy feel about all this? And what can you do to make him feel comfortable at home? Let’s find out.

Getting ready for your German Spitz puppy

You will probably have plenty of time waiting for your puppy, so you can use this time to prepare for your new family member. You are not going to need much during the first 24 hours – except for food – but you are not going to want to go shopping then, either. You are going to want to spend every minute with your puppy, trust me. This is why I recommend that you do your shopping before your puppy moves into your home. I have written an article that you may want to take a look. It is called How Much Does a German Spitz Puppy Cost? Money Saving Tips.Opens in a new tab. You can click on the link and it will open in a new window.

There I have listed things that you absolutely do need to get for your puppy, as well as things that you can probably live without but you might want to get anyway. It is crazy how much money you can spend on your puppy, but what can you do? Puppies are so cute and you love your puppy and you just have to have this particular toy for him. Go get it; it’s not that big of a deal.

You will also need to make sure that your house is safe for the puppy to live in. Most likely you will notice things later on that you were not prepared for at all, but you can definitely start to puppy proof the house from early on.

  1. Make sure you do not have any poisonous plants. Your puppy will love your plants and the mould. Make sure he won’t get harmed while doing this.
  2. A puppy will bite into anything he sees. Make sure you do not have any electrical cords that could be dangerous when broken.
  3. Make sure your puppy will not have access to anything that is poisonous for him, like medicine. Chocolate and xylitol are toxic to dogs, so keep this in mind especially if you have children.
  4. Do you have a balcony? Make sure your puppy will not slip through the railings. It is good to invest in transparent rail guards.

Once you do these, you are ready to welcome your beloved German Spitz puppy into your home.

Let’s watch a short video clip of my German Spitz Mittel on his first day in his new home.

How will your German Spitz puppy react to his new home?

Your puppy has spent the first 7 – 8 weeks of his life with his mother and siblings. Then all of a sudden everything changes. He needs to leave his family and he is suddenly surrounded by complete strangers in a totally strange place. It has to be scary.

If your puppy has been growing with a reputable breeder and the first weeks of his life have gone smoothly, the puppy will be very adaptive. In just a couple of days he will be happily running around in his new surroundings as if he’d already forgotten about his earlier life. The first 24 hours, however, may be more difficult.

Even if you have a brave looking puppy there is a chance that he is a bit confused in his new surroundings. It is a big change that he is going through. If your puppy is more of a timid kind he may look a little sad, even. He is probably looking for his family and cannot understand where they have suddenly disappeared to.

The first night can be tough. Personally I have noticed that it has been easier if the puppy has moved to his new home during the day so that we have had a whole day to get to know each other before bed time. I got my first puppy in the evening and basically we had to go to bed as soon as we got home. This particular puppy whined and cried all through the first night.

Even if you manage to get some sleep you might find out that there is some puppy pee and poop waiting for you in the morning. Sort of like a wedding morning gift.  

What can you do to help your German Spitz puppy?

If your puppy looks sad you will probably be tempted to start comforting him, but it is best not to. Instead, try to act as if nothing is wrong.

A German Spitz puppy eats four times a day. It is quite a bit of work but it can be a great thing during the first few hours. As you give your puppy his food the puppy will realize that hey, this place is not too bad; you get food here! All of my three puppies have been happily eating from the first day. They have had good appetites.

It is best to take your puppy outside as soon as he has eaten. This, because you want to get the potty training started, but it is also a good way of showing your puppy what a fun place his new home is. Puppies love outdoors! Everything is new and so much fun! During the first 24 hours the puppy will be shy and most likely he will not have the courage to run very far. In a few days you will see this change very quickly.

If you already have some toys for your puppy, introduce him to those and start playing with him. Your puppy will learn to love his new home and you, the owner. During the first months you will start forming a bond. The first 24 hours form a solid foundation to this new relationship.

This is my German Spitz Mittel just as he first stepped into his new home. He looks a little confused.

Create a peaceful environment for your German Spitz puppy

In this blog I have written much about socializing a puppy. The first 24 hours, however, is not the time to start this process. At first it is actually best to keep calm and let the puppy know his own home before taking him anywhere else.

Like I said, everything is new to your puppy at this point. He does not need any more stimulation in the very beginning. This will of course change soon and then it is best to start socializing. But the first 24 hours is not the right time.

Let your puppy get to know his home and his new family, the ones that are going to live with him every day. I know that all of your friends and relatives would love to come and see the puppy right away, but it is best to wait a few more days. You will have to be firm and tell them that yes, they can come but only after a couple of days. There will be plenty of time for puppy cuddling later on.

A puppy sleeps a lot and you need to let him. A tiny puppy can play and be full of energy but in another moment he can fall asleep right there in the middle of the floor.

It is important that whenever the puppy sleeps you are not going to wake him up or disturb him in any way. If you have kids, this is an important fact to teach to your kids as well. You will have so much time to play with the puppy as the days, weeks and years go on. You can wait a couple of hours.


It is such an exciting event when you get to bring your new puppy home with you. You have been waiting a long time and when the day finally comes you are about to burst with joy. You would love nothing more than to invite everyone in your home to see this new family member.

Please, keep in mind that this joyous day can be frightening for your German Spitz puppy. While you are getting a new family member your puppy has lost everyone in his family. It takes time for your puppy to start seeing you as the new family.

Keep the first 24 hours calm. Start teaching your puppy the way things are going to be done in this household, but wait a few days before you start exploring the world any further. Try to make your puppy feel comfortable and welcome. Show him that it is actually a pretty cool place where he has moved.

Even though you may hear your German Spitz puppy cry sometimes during the first 24 hours remember that it will pass very soon. It is actually pretty amazing how soon these little pooches forget about their earlier lives and start enjoying the new one. You will see an amazing change happening in your puppy in just a couple of days. Within a week even the shyest one of the puppies will be happily exploring the new, scary world.

I wish you and your German Spitz puppy all the best. Enjoy the best ride of your life.

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