Does German Spitz Go Through a Puppy Uglies Stage?

German Spitz Mittel puppy uglies

The ugly stage, or what some people call the puppy uglies, is a phase in the life of a puppy when the puppy does not look exactly his best.

It is weird when you think about it. We all know that the puppy is so cute when you first get to bring him home, but then he grows up a little and he changes completely.

Of course, as the puppy grows up he starts acting like a little monster and tears down your home. The puppy uglies, however, is not about the behavior of the puppy, but about the looks. The cute puppy face disappears, and you are basically left with a young dog with long legs but very little fur. What is up with this?

The German Spitz dogs go through the puppy uglies stage. It is a normal phase in the life of any dog that has a double coat. It is basically a stage where the puppy gets rid of the puppy fur and slowly starts growing the type of fur that he is going to have as an adult German Spitz.

How long does this period last? Is it something to be worried about? And what does a German Spitz puppy look like during this stage? Let’s get to these questions right now.

How long does the German Spitz puppy uglies stage last?

It doesn’t take long for the puppy uglies to begin. It may be that you are simply so enamored with your puppy that you won’t notice it right away, but it is there sooner than you think. For example, I got both of my German Spitz puppies when they were 7 weeks old. Already at the age of 16 weeks, I could see the puppy uglies beginning.

In general, I would say that the puppy uglies stage on a German Spitz dog occurs at the age of 3 – 6 months. Just as you get used to the puppy uglies – your puppy looking carefree with no fur/coat at all – then he starts morphing into the German Spitz you are used to seeing in pictures. The fur will grow fast and before you know it, you have the most gorgeous looking German Spitz in your home.

Of course, the puppy uglies does not mean that your puppy is ugly. No, no. For you, he is the best puppy in the world, right? He looks a little different, that’s all.

You also need to be prepared for weird questions about your dog’s breed. It may be (depending on which country you are from) that not many people know the German Spitz anyway. However, at this stage in your puppy’s life, it is rare that anybody knows. You are going to hear people suggesting several dog breeds and some of them will be breeds that look nothing like the German Spitz.

It’s all right. Your German Spitz is just the way he is supposed to be at this age. Don’t worry about what people say. The Ugly Duckling will soon turn into a beautiful swan.

Is it normal for a German Spitz puppy to lose its coat?

To be able to grow something new you need to get rid of the old. This is all you need to be thinking about. When you understand that your puppy will first need to get rid of the puppy fur to be able to grow a new kind of coat, you’ll know that what’s happening to your puppy is very natural.

Puppies are born with soft puppy fur and it is not what an adult German Spitz has. In order for the puppy to develop into an adult, the puppy fur needs to go, too.

If you are a new dog owner, this might trick you into worrying. Is there something wrong with your puppy, you may ask. There are certain diseases that can cause hair loss, so it is totally understandable to worry. However, this stage where your puppy gets rid of the puppy fur, is all normal, trust me.

When your German Spitz puppy sheds the puppy hairs at the age of 3 – 6 months – whether that is a Pomeranian or any of the bigger versions of the German Spitz – it is merely a step he needs to take when he is slowly growing up and developing into an adult German Spitz.

In case you want to know more about the fur of the German Spitz, you might want to take a look at this article that I wrote: All About the Fur: German Spitz Hair Growth, Loss, And MoreOpens in a new tab..

What does a German Spitz puppy look like in the ugly stage?

Maybe you are only just beginning to get to know the German Spitz breed and that’s why you want to see pictures. Or maybe you have a puppy of your own and you want to be assured that your puppy is normal and no different from others.

Whatever the case is and you want to see pictures, I will give you those.

If you take a look at the header picture, that is my gray German Spitz Mittel right in the middle of the puppy uglies. You probably wouldn’t even recognize him to be a German Spitz unless you were a little more experienced with the breed.

Let’s see more pictures of him.

German Spitz Mittel puppy
German Spitz Mittel puppy uglies
Mittelspitz puppy uglies

You will see that the puppy of this age has already grown quite a bit in size. He has not reached the adult size yet, but he already has long legs and the kind of a muzzle that he is going to have as an adult. However, when you put long legs and a long muzzle on a puppy with no fur it looks quite odd, to be honest.

The long legs look a bit lonely on a dog with no fur. You also need to remember the fact that a young puppy doesn’t really know how to use those legs. Not in a way that an adult dog does. A puppy of this age is still not very co-ordinated. All of this combined makes these puppies rather sad looking, don’t you think?

Oh, and just so you know: this is the same dog several years later:

Gray German Spitz Mittel

Now, let’s take a look at pictures of my other German Spitz Mittel puppy. I think he looks a little bit better somehow, but he, too, has the similar puppy uglies features.

German Spitz Mittel puppy
German Spitz Mittel puppy uglies

And again, the same dog as an adult:

German Spitz Mittel in snow


Puppy uglies is probably something you’ve heard of. However, if you didn’t have a dog with a double coat before you probably didn’t have the exact idea of what it was about. Now, hopefully, you do.

All dogs with double coats go through this stage and the German Spitz is no different. The German Spitz, too, will go through this stage sometime at the age of 3 – 6 months. It may vary a bit, but that is approximately the timeframe where it will take place.

Be prepared for some major changes and some weird comments from your neighbors. They don’t matter, though, because a) your puppy will be beautiful no matter what and b) your puppy will soon morph into the most gorgeous looking German Spitz.

You have absolutely nothing to be worried about. It may shock you while it happens (“Hey, this is not the kind of dog I ordered!”) but it will be over before you know it.

Besides, as the owner of the best dog in the entire world, it might be that you won’t even notice the puppy uglies. Because, after all, your puppy is not ugly. Never in a million years.

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