Does Your German Spitz Need a Doggy Friend?

Two German Spitz Mittels

Researchers and we regular dog owners are sure of one thing: dogs do not want to be alone. German Spitzes especially don’t want to spend time away from their owners because they are particularly devoted to their families.

But does your German Spitz need a doggy friend or is it enough for him that he has human companion? That’s what you may wonder especially if you only have one dog in the family. Do you need to make an effort to find him other dogs to play with? Or do you even need to get a second dog to be the first one’s friend?

A short answer to you is that your German Spitz will probably benefit of having a doggy friend. However, it is not something you need to be overly concerned about.

Getting a doggy friend for your German Spitz

I once attended a seminar where this reputable dog trainer talked about whether a dog needed another dog as a friend. I remember him saying that it was a good idea for your dog to have a friend or two that your dog could play or simply spend time with, but your dog would not need an awful lot of friends.

According to him there was no need to stop to greet every dog you would encounter in the street. That would be the equivalent of you going to the supermarket and shaking everyone’s hand there. It would not be fun or useful in any way but it could actually be quite stressful for your dog.

Your German Spitz does not need that kind of acquaintances and stopping to greet everyone could easily make your dog the barking and yapping type that is just awful to walk with. Especially with a German Spitz this would be a definite possibility, knowing how vocal they are by nature. Your German Spitz should know that whenever you meet another dog in the street, you will simply walk by without making a fuss about it.

So, according to this dog trainer your dog will not need dozens of friends but he will probably benefit of having another dog as a friend. Based on my nearly 20 years of experience I can say that I wholeheartedly agree. I believe there is so much another dog can offer that a human being cannot.

However, you do need to be careful with what kind of a friend you want for your German Spitz.

It would be best if the dogs were about the same size.

What kind of a friend does your German Spitz need?

As mentioned above your German Spitz does not need dozens of doggy friends but even just one could be enough. This is not something to be worried about; if one of your friends has a dog that your dog likes, this is more than enough and you don’t need to look elsewhere. Just as you spend time with your friend your dog will get to spend time with his.

There are certain precautions you need to take, however, before you let your precious pooch play with another dog. Your German Spitz is one of a kind and you absolutely don’t want anything bad happen to him. In my humble opinion you can never be too careful and you should never let anybody else’s opinions stop you from doing what’s best for your dog.

It would be best if your dog’s friend would be about the same size as your dog. It is not compulsory; especially if the bigger dog is much older and calmer, then having a friend like that could work just fine. If, however, your dog is still rather young and so is the bigger one, this kind of pairing could lead to trouble. The two dogs would probably end up playing too roughly and in such an energetic way that your German Spitz as the tiny one would end up getting hurt.

Two dogs with immense difference in size could love playing together and on the outside everything would look great. The bigger one could be a friendly dog that would not intentionally want to hurt anybody. But, whenever there is a big dog and a small dog playing, there is always a chance of a serious injury. It could also be that there isn’t any obvious injury but there is something else that only starts giving symptoms much later. And believe me: those types of injuries are not easy ones to fix.

What’s important is to find a buddy for your dog that has a similar play style. Age is an important factor: as I said, even a big dog can be a perfect friend to a small dog as long as the dogs are a bit older and calmer. With puppies and young dogs it is important to stick with dogs of similar sizes because they will start running and wrestling anyway. Young dogs don’t know the word “calm”.

Dog’s breed is another factor. In general, two German Spitzes have similar play styles whereas a German Spitz and a Terrier might not have. You could say that two dogs of the same breed are more likely to be on the same wavelength. It does not mean that dogs are racists; they are simply used to being with dogs with certain physical features and they are able to read some breeds better than others. Just by their genetics, they have similarly working minds and bodies.

Be extra careful when you take your German Spitz to a dog park. At best they can be great places to make your dog a social little pooch that gets along with everybody. At worst your dog will get bitten or injured and that is not the risk I would be willing to take. Remember, it is not about the quantity of doggy friends your German Spitz has, but about the quality of them.

I have a short video clip of two German Spitz Mittels playing tug-of-war with one another. Actually, these two dogs are mother and son. You can see how well they play together like they are on the same wavelength. But of course, they are both German Spitzes, but they are close relatives, too. No wonder they like each other!

Getting another dog in the family for your German Spitz

Sometimes you may feel like having an occasional friend is not enough for your German Spitz. Your dog may have to spend time alone while you are away at work, or you may not have enough time to activate your dog. You think that adding another dog to your family could solve the problem. Well, think again.

Having two dogs takes twice as much money and space than having a single one does. When it comes to your time management having two dogs will actually take more than twice the amount of your time. You will need to have time for both of your dogs first individually and then together. How will you have time to train two if you didn’t have time to train one?

If your dog is bored during your workday it probably means that he hasn’t had enough activities while you were at home with your dog. Getting a buddy for your dog could seemingly solve the problem. However, if your German Spitz is suffering from separation anxiety, getting another dog will not help. In the worst-case scenario it will make things worse because then you will have two dogs barking after you instead of one.

Separation anxiety needs to be solved before even thinking of getting another dog because the reason for your first dog’s discomfort is that he is forced to be away from you. Whether there is another dog there with him makes no difference to him at all.

You should also be aware of the fact that getting someone to dogsit for you while you are on vacation is still fairly easy with a dog, but it becomes a nightmare when you suddenly have two dogs. Most people will not be able to handle two dogs if they are not used to dogs in general. Most people don’t even want to.

But of course there are benefits to having two German Spitzes instead of one. Dogs can create strong bonds and from experience I can tell you that two dogs can share something that you as a human being are never able to give to your dog. Two dogs can communicate with each other nonverbally and it is a joy to be able to witness it.

For nearly 6 years I had two German Spitzes. Sadly now the other one has already passed away but the memories are very much alive. One of these days I will write an article about my experiences, about having two dogs in the family, and I will share my knowledge and experiences with you. As with everything in life, there are pros and cons to having two dogs, too.

Not all dogs need a doggy friend

Humans don’t like to be alone. One of the most devastating punishments for a human being is being forced to be alone. It is the exact same for your dog.

Some dogs prefer the company of another dog, but there are dogs that do not really need a doggy friend, at least not very often. Those are dogs that prefer the company of human beings. My German Spitz Mittel is very devoted to me and I’m the most important figure in his life. He enjoys an occasional play with other dogs but most of the time he is happy with his alone-time with me. Of course, not all German Spitzes are the same.

Dogs that have been around other dogs since they were puppies are more likely to enjoy the company of other dogs. Most likely dogs like that are more social overall.

If your dog is not like that, don’t force him to enjoy another dog’s company. There is nothing wrong if your dog prefers the company of his human family. You should remember this when thinking whether you should get a second dog: not all dogs get along with one another. You could get into trouble especially with two male dogs or two female dogs sharing the same household.


Having a doggy friend can be beneficial for your dog in so many ways. If your dog is just a puppy he will learn to move and to control his body while wrestling and playing. Having the company of an older dog will teach him so much more than you ever could.

You should always remain careful, though, especially when you put dogs of different sizes together in one space. It is better to be safe than sorry. An injury could lead to expensive surgeries and long periods of rehabilitation. That’s not what you want.

Remember, your dog does not need to be friends with every dog out there. It would be best if he could have a friend or two, but if it seems like he only wants you as his friend, then let it be so. That is probably why you got your German Spitz in the first place: to be your best friend in life.

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