Best Dog Beds for the Comfort of Your German Spitz

Clearly, a dog doesn’t need a bed that is specifically designed for dogs. You can, of course, just place a mattress on the floor, maybe even a blanket and your dog will happily sleep on it. However, in the long run, you are probably going to want a dog bed that is not only comfortable for your dog but looks good, too, because it will be a clearly visible object in your home.

When you first get a puppy you could start with some temporary arrangement, but I can tell you from experience that the earlier your puppy gets to sleep in a real dog bed the happier he will be with it later on in life.

For example, my first puppy did not have a bed until a little bit later, and she never really learned to sleep in it. She did take naps in the bed during the day-time, but during the night she never went to lie down on it.

My other two puppies always had dog beds, from the first night they spent with me, so they always slept in their beds later on in life, too.

This is why I strongly recommend getting a dog bed from very early on. When you buy a bed that is big enough for an adult dog to fit in, and one that is made of lasting materials, you are only going to buy one dog bed for your beloved puppy in his entire lifetime.

But what would be the best choice for a German Spitz while the choices are endless? Let me help you. I will give you 4 different categories with the top 3 beds in each of them. Just pick a category suitable for you and it will be easy from there.

The 3 best regular dog beds for a German Spitz

When choosing a dog bed for your German Spitz I would advise you to go with a bed that has some kind of “walls” around it. The ones that are more like a plain mattress do not work well with German Spitzes because these little dogs would rather sleep in a nest-like bed. It makes them feel safe.

Another thing you need to consider is the fact that the bed needs to be easy to clean. It needs to be washable overall or have a removable cover. Or, you could, of course, place a sheet in the bed for your dog to sleep on, but that’s for you to think about.

You can find all of these beds on Amazon. You can check the current prices by clicking the links provided below. The first bed on my listOpens in a new tab. is great in my opinion because it is rather a nest than a simple mattress.

It is washable, affordable, and of great quality. The medium-sized bed is good for a German Spitz Mittel.

Opens in a new tab.

The second bed is the ultimate nestOpens in a new tab.!

Look, how beautiful and comfortable it looks. However, it is very practical as well as it is machine washable and 100% safe. I think I would love to sleep in something like this, too.

In my opinion, this type of round bed would be ideal for the smaller German Spitzes like Pomeranians and German Spitz Kleins.

Opens in a new tab.

For the 3rd bed on my listOpens in a new tab., I’ve chosen a beautiful bed that looks really good in your home. Of course, your dog won’t care but you will, so this is something that needs to be thought through. This one, too, is machine washable.

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The 3 best house-type beds for a German Spitz

As I mentioned, German Spitzes love beds that are more like little nests. That is why it is nice to have raised rims in the bed; it makes them feel safe. However, even better would be if the bed had a roof as well, like a little house. Dogs love these! Take a look at the three options I give you and then think about whether something like this could work in your household.

In most cases, beds like these work well with small dogs (like Pomeranian or German Spitz Klein). When we get towards medium-sized dogs like the German Spitz Mittel, the dog house should be quite large and not everyone is able to fit a house like that in their home. Only you know what works for your home.

Here is the first one on my listOpens in a new tab.. It looks great, but it is also easy to maintain.

Opens in a new tab.

The second one on my listOpens in a new tab. is actually meant for two small dogs, but in my opinion, something like this could work with just a dog as well – as long as your dog is small. This would be ideal for a Pom or a Klein.

Opens in a new tab.

Somewhere in the middle would be this oneOpens in a new tab.. It doesn’t actually have a roof, but it does seem like a nest where your dog can easily snuggle in providing him extra comfort.

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The 3 best affordable orthopedic beds for your German Spitz

Orthopedic beds are designed for senior and older dogs and/or dogs with joint pains.

Is your dog stiff in the morning? Does he have trouble sleeping? Does he change places several times per night? Those are generally symptoms of arthritis but can be signs of other diseases as well. For example, my late German Spitz Mittel suffered from back pain and he went through a lot of those symptoms in his lifetime.

The first thing to do in that case is to go visit your veterinarian. However, there is little that can be done in many cases, aside from regular pain medication.

What you can do is to make sure your senior dog gets the best possible place to sleep in, and an orthopedic bed can be a great solution for the support it gives to your precious dog.

The first one on my list Opens in a new just perfect overall: great-looking, really comfortable, and easy to clean. Notice how this one, too, has got a comfy rim. I would definitely go with these types of beds instead of a simple orthopedic mattress.

Opens in a new tab.

This comfy looking bed comes second on my listOpens in a new tab.. It has a removable and machine washable cover and premium materials to ensure the best comfort for your German Spitz. I would go with medium or small depending on the size of the dog.

Opens in a new tab.

The third bed has got everything.Opens in a new tab. It is waterproof and it has a washable cover. It has a premium memory foam, and it gives support and comfort not only for senior dogs but for younger dogs as well, if they have any kind of joint pain – or maybe after surgery during their recovery period!

Opens in a new tab.

The 3 best luxury beds for your German Spitz

These dog beds are more on the expensive side, but we are all different, and some of us require the best quality and nothing else works.

This stylish bed would look good even in your living roomOpens in a new tab.. It has everything that makes it a good bed for German Spitz specifically, but not only does your dog approve, but you will, too.

Opens in a new tab.

The second bed in my luxury items listOpens in a new tab. is on the unconventional side. More than a dog bed, it looks like a real sofa, which I believe it would look really good in your house. However, it is only for smaller dogs, so if you have a German Spitz Mittel I would not go with this option. For German Spitz Kleins and Pomeranians this would work really well, though.

Opens in a new tab.

My third pickOpens in a new tab. is not for puppies, unfortunately. It is a basket style bed and there is a good chance that a young puppy would chew on this. However, with adult dogs, there is no risk of that happening, and you can purchase a bed like this with no worries if you think this is the style you would like in your home. In my opinion, it looks good!

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What is the right bed size for a German Spitz?

I have gone a bit crazy over dog beds and I have several of them. Of course, I have had several dogs, too, and they’ve all had their own beds and I have never gotten rid of the old ones.

It is important that the bed is comfortable and easy to maintain clean, but it is also important that it is the right size. Your dog needs to be able to turn and shift places but if it is too large then your dog will no longer will safe in it. German Spitzes like to stay in a nest.

Here is a picture of my German Spitz Mittel sleeping in a bed that is way too small for him. It is not his bed at all, but that of a smaller-sized dog. Actually, this bed would go very well with a Pomeranian or a German Spitz Klein.

German Spitz Mittel sleeping in a dog bed

This bed (below) is the real bed that we have and the dog in the bed is my other German Spitz Mittel. The size of this bed is 26.5in/68cm x 17.5/45cm (size of the bottom). I think this is the perfect size for a Mittelspitz.

In the header picture, you see yet another bed and my German Spitz Mittel in it. It is slightly smaller, yet manageable with a Mittel. I think it would be perfect for the smaller Spitz, a Kleinspitz.

The size of that dog bed is 22.4ins/57cm (size of the bottom – with rims it is obviously bigger).

I hope you found this article helpful for choosing the right bed for your German Spitz!

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