About Eveliina


My name is Eveliina and I’m a dogaholic.

When I was just a kid we had a Spitz dog in the family. He was a mixed breed, but he looked a lot like a Finnish Spitz. Some people mistakenly believed that he was purebred.

This dog was four years older than me, so he was always there when I grew up. My parents tell me a story from the time when I was just beginning to learn to walk: I used to stand up using our dog as a support. But then when the dog moved I fell down on the floor.

This dog was my best friend growing up. Because of him I feel like I have always understood dogs better than I have ever understood humans. It sounds a bit weird, maybe even a bit sad, but honestly, that’s how I often feel. Because of this dog I have always loved dogs and Spitz type dogs especially.

I have had my own dog since 2002. My first dog was not a Spitz. I lived in a city center back then and I felt like I needed to have a different type of dog in those circumstances. I had to wait till 2011 to get my very first German Spitz Mittel. That’s when I realized that it doesn’t matter where you live, you can always have a Spitz. In 2013 I got a second Mittel.

All my life I’ve been interested in dogs. I have loved them, but I have also studied them. I’m the kind of person that whenever I get interested in something, I have to get all possible information about this new thing. Through the years I have participated in countless of courses and lectures. I have read countless or articles and books about dogs.

I have always taken my dogs to doggy schools to learn new things. My hobbies have included dog agility, dog shows, obedience training, K9 nose work and lately canine freestyle (known as dog dance).

I am also a nature lover and I like to go hiking with my dogs. I love nothing more than the beautiful nature around me. To be able to share it with my best friends makes it even better. You may think that the German Spitz is too small for a hiking buddy, but no, these little guys have more energy than we humans do!

I created German Spitz Love for all of you who are also interested in this breed and want to learn more. I realized that I have learned all sorts of things over the years and it is my time to share the information that I have gathered. Whether you are just finding this breed or you have a German Spitz of your own, I hope you enjoy the site.

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