15 Awesome Facts of the German Spitz

1. German Spitz comes in 5 sizes

In their home country Germany and many other countries, too, the German Spitz comes in five sizes: toy (Pomeranian), klein (small), mittel (medium), gross (giant), and wolf (Keeshond). Notice how the Pomeranian is included in the German Spitz family even though in America for example the UKC only recognizes two of the varieties: the Klein and the Mittel.

2. German Spitz is an ancient dog breed

The German Spitz is one of the most ancient dog breeds in the world originating from Central Europe. They are in fact forefathers to many of the current breeds such as Eurasier, Japanese Spitz, and American Eskimo. The first document describing the German Spitz dates back to 1450.

3. German Spitz is loyal

The German Spitz is devoted and loyal to the pet parent. He will follow you anywhere and everywhere and he will most likely come with you even to the bathroom. He doesn’t like to spend time outside alone even if he has a huge backyard. He will rather be wherever you are.

4. German Spitz does not drool

Do the German Spitzes drool? No, they don’t! If drooling is a big no-no for you, you might consider the German Spitz for your breed, because these little guys never drool. Well, except unneutered male dogs might, whenever there is a delicious smell of a female in heat nearby.

5. German Spitzes have no prey drive

Most of the German Spitzes are no hunters. In other words, they do not have, or at least shouldn’t have hunting instincts. Compared to many other breeds they have little prey drive left in their bloodOpens in a new tab.. This makes it easier for them to be walking without a leash, for example, because they do not run after small prey. However, some of them do have a certain amount of hunting instincts left in them, which should be taken into consideration especially if there are other small pets in the family.

6. No scissors needed

The German Spitz does not need to be trimmed and should not in fact be trimmed. No scissors for these little pooches then (except if you really want to and there’s no one watching). In general a simple brushing once a week is enough to keep them tidy.

7. German Spitz is active

 The German Spitz is an active dog that can walk surprisingly long distances considering the fact that they are small dogs. If you go hiking with your German Spitz you’ll probably notice that they can walk longer than you can!

8. German Spitz is smart

German Spitzes are smart dogs and quick learnersOpens in a new tab.. This is a good characteristic while training, but be aware: they can also take on bad habits just as quickly!

9. All kinds of colors!

The German Spitz comes in a variety of colorsOpens in a new tab.: white, black, chocolate brown, cream, cream-sable, orange, orange-sable, gray, black and tan, particolor, and sable. You have plenty to choose from! Obviously you cannot know beforehand which color of puppies are going to be born or which colors of German Spitzes you may find to adopt, so in the end, there aren’t that many choices anyway. Bummer.

10. German Spitzes swim

This may come as a surprise, but many of the German Spitzes are actually very good swimmersOpens in a new tab.. Who would have thought! Wouldn’t a double coat like that be heavy when wet? But no, many of them might even plunge into a pond or a lake that there might be on your path. Prepare yourself!

11. German Spitzes bark

German Spitzes are alerting dogs, which means that they will barkOpens in a new tab. if anything abnormal happens. How is that a good thing? Well, they may not be much of help when it comes to protecting your property but they sure will wake you up if there is an intruder in your house at night.

12. Good for first-time owners

A German Spitz Klein or Mittel might be a good choice for first-time pet ownersOpens in a new tab., too. However, nobody is saying anything about it being easy, so be prepared for a roller coaster ride!

13. German Spitzes get along with other dogs

German Spitzes get along fine with other dogsOpens in a new tab., even with a larger pack of dogs, especially if they have been properly socialized as puppies. There is one problem, though: you may realize that having one German Spitz is not enough and you might want another. And another. And another.

14. German Spitzes shed

These little dogs shedOpens in a new tab., usually twice a year. Even when they are not shedding there are always dog hairs everywhere. Like on your clothes. And those black pair of pants that you were going to wear for a meeting. It’s not all bad, though: you can weave dog hair yarn and then transform it into a pair of mittens. Really!

15. German Spitz can sing!

German Spitzes can singOpens in a new tab.! Yes, believe it or not. These dogs can be very vocal but it does not limit to barking only. Some of them can howl, too, and they clearly react to music by making different kinds of noises. Harmonica is a favorite instrument for many of these little singers. Wonder why…

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